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Pre-K Summer Reading List

Aylesworth: Naughty Little Monkeys c2003 alphabet books
Twenty-six monkeys get into mischief when their parents go out for the evening in this rhyming alphabet book.

Bang: When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry... c1999 character
Sophie expresses her anger when she must surrender a toy to her sister.

Crews: The Neighborhood Mother Goose c2004 nursery rhymes, diversity
This collection of nursery rhymes features the familiar and unfamiliar, all set in the city.

DePaola: Stagestruck c2005 school story
When Tommy is disappointed that he doesn’t land the lead in the kindergarten play, he tries to steal the show anyway.

Drachman: A Frog Thing c2005 humor
Frank the frog learns self-acceptance.

Ehlert: Pie in the Sky c2004 family fiction
As a father and his child view the cherry tree in their back yard, they refer to it as a pie tree. Includes a recipe.

Ehlert: Mole’s Hill: A Woodland Tale c1994 folklore
In this Native American folk tale, Mole looks for a way to save her underground home when Fox tells her she has to move.

Ernst: The Gingerbread Girl c2006 fairy tale
The gingerbread girl outsmarts that doggone fox and triumphs.

Kimmel: The Gingerbread Man c1993 fairy tale
This familiar fairy tale features a gingerbread man who runs away from the woman who bakes him and meets other animals along the way, including a clever fox.

Penn:The Kissing Hand c1993 family story
Chester Raccoon is afraid to attend kindergarten until his mother shows him a special way to take her love along.

Pfister: Rainbow Fish stories animal stories
The most beautiful fish in the ocean with the shimmering silver scales discovers the beauty of sharing.

Prelutsky: Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young c1986 poetry
This collection of 200 short poems is designed for young children and includes illustrations that correlate with the poems.

Shannon: David Goes to School c.1999 humor
David's school behavior needs to be improved.

Sierra: Counting Crocodiles c1997 counting, rhyming
A monkey outsmarts ten crocodiles that stand between her and a banana tree by using her ability to count.

Sierra: Wild About Books c2004 animals, humor
A librarian accidentally drives her bookmobile to the zoo and subsequently reads a Dr. Seuss book to the animals.

Taback: Joseph Had a Little Overcoat c1999 diversity
Joseph starts out with an overcoat and ends with a button.

Thompson: Little Quack c2003 animal story
Mama Duck encourages her four ducklings to leave the nest. The youngest and smallest, Little Quack, proves to be the most reluctant.

Williams: ‘More More More’ said the Baby: 3 Love Stories c1990 family fiction
Father, Mother and Grandmother playfully and lovingly toss three babies in the air.

Wood: Alphabet Adventure c2001 alphabet book
The letters of the alphabet join the search to help "i" find her dot in order to continue their journey in this colorful alphabet book.

Wood:The Napping House c1984 sleep, fiction
While a number of creatures sleep, a flea causes a commotion among them with just one bite.