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Fourth Grade Summer Reading

Barry: Peter and the Starcatchers c2004 contemporary fantasy
Peter and a group of fellow orphans assist Molly, a Starcatcher, in guarding a trunk of “mysterious star substance” that has the ability to keep people young and let fly.

Collins: Gregor the Overlander c2003 fantasy fiction
Gregor and his two-year sister fall down a shaft in the basement and find a world of giant insects and rats. They become part of a huge battle.

DiCamillo: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane c2006 fantasy
Edward Tulane is a selfish, thoughtless toy rabbit until he loses the little girl who loves him.

Foreman: Summer of the Skunks c2002 historical fiction
Ten-year-old Jill lives with her family on a southern farm in the late 1940s.

Gorman: Dork in Disguise c1999 school story
When highly intelligent Jerry moves to a new town, he sets out to change his image from “dork” to “cool.”

Gutman: Baseball Card Adventure sports, historical fiction
A series of books where Joe travels back in time and meets famous players.

Hannigan: Ida B: --and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World c2004 realistic fiction, school story
Happy fourth grader Ida, who is home-schooled, enjoys playing in her family's apple orchard, until her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer and the financially strapped family must sell part of the orchard and enroll Ida in public school.

Hunter: Into the Wild c2003 animal fiction
Four clans of wild cats share a forest. One clan decides to change “hunting rites” and their peace is challenged

Lasky: The Capture (Guardians of Ga'Hoole series) c2003 fantasy
Soren, a barn owl, is knocked from his nest by his older brother and taken to St. Aggie's, a school for orphaned owls. He befriends Gylfie, an elf owl, and the two set out to save all owls from the perils of the school.

Martin: Main Street series realistic fiction
A series about two young girls orphaned when their parents die in a car accident. They go to live with their grandmother in Camden Falls, Mass., a small town filled with a variety of characters.

Norman: My Feet Are Laughing c2006 poetry
16 poems told by a young girl about her Harlem neighborhood.

Peck: A Year Down Yonder c2000 humor, historical fiction
In 1937, during the Great Depression, Mary Alice lives with her very unusual grandmother in rural Illinois.

Smith: Bone c2004 graphic novel
Three cousins leave their home of Boneville. On their journey they meet royalty, dragons, and monsters as they try to return home.

Soto: Baseball in April and Other Stories c1990 ethnic diversity
These short stories focus on young Hispanics growing up in California.

Strasser: Help! series fantasy, humor
Jake Sherman switches bodies with various people and creatures, including his gym teacher, principal, the family dog and even the first day of summer camp!

Skurzynski: Mysteries in Our National Parks series mystery, adventure

Stewart: The Mysterious Benedict Society c2007 fiction, adventure
Four children are secretly spies as students in the Learning Institute for the Enlightened. They have to avoid being brainwashed by Mr. Curtain, one of the owners of the school. This is a mystery you will be eager to see unfold.

Various authors: Dear America series historical fiction

Wright: The Wish Master c2000 realistic fiction
Corby and his mother travel to Wisconsin for the summer to take care of his sick grandmother; then, he meets a local boy who takes him to the Wish Master.