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Third Grade Summer Reading

Birney: The World According to Humphrey c2005 fiction, humor
Humphrey, a classroom hamster, surveys his surroundings and finds ways to help the children in the class.

Birney: The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs c2005 fiction
Set in 1923, a 12 year old boy is inspired to find wonders in his small town after reading about the Seven Wonders of the World.

Clements: Lunch Money c1994 school, humor
Hart is a popular boy who sometimes "goofs off". When he hits the music teacher with a rubber band, he is put in charge of the holiday concert. Both Hart and his teacher learn lessons.

Curtis: Mr. Chickee's Funny Money c2005 mystery, ethnic diversity
Is the quadrillion dollar bill with a picture of soul singer James Brown that Steven Carter receives as a gift from his elderly blind neighbor real money? Steven, his friend Russell, and Russell's dog Zoopy decide to investigate.

Duffey: Hey, New Kid! c1996 school story
Jeremy worries about attending a new school, but he decides to make the best of it by reinventing himself in order to impress other students in his class.

Feelings: Soul Looks Back in Wonder c1993 poetry, ethnic diversity
Thirteen African American poets celebrate their heritage in their words and colorful illustrations created by Tom Feelings.

Grimes: Talkin' About Bessie c2002 biography, ethnic diversity
How Bessie Coleman became the first African-American woman to become a licensed pilot as told by her family and friends.

Gutman: My Weird School series school, humor
A fun series of books about school life that appeal to reluctant readers.

Howe: It Came From Beneath the Bed c2002 humor, fantasy
Uncle Harold, who wrote books about Bunnicula, helps Howie, his dachshund nephew to write a story in which he saves the world from a science experiment gone wrong.

Kehret: Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays c1999 animals, non-fiction
Tells the story of 8 dogs who were saved from the animal shelter and went on to better lives.

MacDonald: No More Nasty c2001 humor, school story
An unruly fifth grade class receives a new perspective on learning from a substitute teacher who just happens to be Simon’s Great Aunt Matilda.

McDonald: Judy Moody c2000 humor, school story
On the first day of school, third grader Judy snaps out of her bad mood when she receives an assignment to create a collage all about herself.

Noble: The Last Brother (Tales of Young America series) c2006 historical fiction
Gabe becomes a bugler in the Civil War to protect his only surviving brother.

Pennypacker: Clementine c2006 fiction, series
Clementine is a funny, energetic, third grader with a talent for getting in trouble and a heart of gold.

Roy: A to Z Mysteries series, mystery stories
Elementary schoolers Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose work together to solve mysteries.

San Souci: The Dangerous Snake and Reptile Club c2004 friendship, fiction
Brothers Bobby, Danny, and Mike decide to display the treasures they find on vacation and start a club with their friends.

Strickland: When Mack Came Back c2000 family, historical fiction
During World War II in rural Georgia, Maury’s older brother Ben enlists in the army, leaving Maury to care for Ben’s injured puppy and deal with their angry father.

Van Draanen: Shredderman series fiction Discover how Nolan Byrd goes from being the number one nerd at Cedar Valley Elementary to a world famous superhero.

Various authors: My America series historical fiction
These fiction stories are written in diary format and depict everyday children living during various time in American history.

Wiles: Each Little Bird Sings c2005 family life, grief, fiction Comfort Snowberger is well acquainted with death since her family runs the funeral parlor in their small southern town, but even so the ten-year-old is unprepared for the series of heart-wrenching events that begins on the first day of Easter vacation with the sudden death of her beloved great-uncle Edisto.