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Second Grade Summer Reading List

Banks: Max's Words c2006 fiction
Max wants to start a collection since his brothers collect coins and stamps. Max decides to collect words and discovers the importance of how words are put together to create stories.

Bridges: Ruby’s Wish c2002 historical fiction, ethnic diversity
During the 1800s in China, when few girls learn to read and write, Ruby fervently desires to attend university with all the males in her family.

Bunting: One Green Apple c2006 historical fiction, ethnic diversity
Farah is new to the U.S. and her class. She feels alone until she goes on a field trip and realizes things are alike everywhere.

Christelow: Where’s the Big Bad Wolf c2002 folk and fairy tale
Every time the three pigs get in trouble the big bad wolf is nowhere to be found.

Cox: Butterfly Buddies c2001 friendship, school story
In this transition to chapter book story, two students working together on a project study the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly and learn how important it is to feel accepted.

Curtis: The Bat Boy and His Violin c1998 sports, music, ethnic diversity
Reginald loves to play his violin, but Papa wants him to be outdoors more and enlists him as the bat boy for the baseball team Papa manages. Reginald plays his violin in the dugout, and the team improves.

Demi: One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale c1997 folklore, math
A clever village girl outsmarts a selfish raja as one grain of rice doubles each day and becomes millions of grains of rice.

DiCamillo: Mercy Watson to the Rescue c2005 animal, fantasy, humor
Cute little pig Mercy is happy until the lights turn off at night, and she decides to join her owners in their bed.

Goble: The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses c1978 folklore, ethnic diversity
In this folk tale, a Native-American girl prefers to live with the wild horses with which she feels happy and free, even though she loves her people.

Grindley: Dear Max c2004 fiction
Max begins writing letters to his favorite author, D. J. Lucas. Together they share the problems of being a 9-year-old who is being bullied and a famous author who is having trouble with her next book.

Holm: Babymouse c2005 graphic fiction, friendship, imagination
A little mouse with a big imagination learns about true friendship and popularity.

Johnson: Just Like Josh Gibson c2007 sports fiction, historical fiction
A grandmother recounts the story of the day she was allowed to play in a baseball game, even though she was a girl.

Kerrin: Martin Bridge: Ready for Takeoff! c2005 fiction
Martin means well, but his ideas don’t always turn out as expected. In three stand-alone chapters, Martin deals with issues at home and school.

Pinkney: The Ugly Duckling c1999 fairy tale
This adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic portrays an unhappy year for an ugly duckling who eventually grows up and transforms into a beautiful swan.

Preller: Jigsaw Jones series mystery
Jigsaw Jones and his friend Mila put together pieces of information to solve various mysteries.

Stilton: The Geronimo Stilton series mice, fantasy, mystery
Geronimo Stilton is a mouse newspaper editor and journalist who travels the world to chase important interviews but winds up in the middle of adventures that involve solving intriguing mysteries.

Tunnell: Mailing May c1997 historical fiction
Five-year-old May wishes to visit her grandmother, but the train is too expensive. May's father and cousin concoct a clever means of sending the child after all.

Warner: Only Emma c2005 fiction
Emma’s mother loses her job, so Emma becomes the new kid in the school and neighborhood. An only child, Emma’s life changes when a four year old comes for a visit.

Willey: Clever Beatrice c2001 folklore
In this folk tale, a clever young girl matches her wits against a rich giant and wins all his gold, saving her family from poverty.

Wyeth: Something Beautiful c2002 fiction
A young girl finds just how many different forms beauty can take when she searches her urban neighborhood.