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First Grade Summer Reading List

Cannon: Crickwing c2000 insects, fiction
Crickwing the cockroach saves the day for the leaf-cutter ants when their forest enemies attack them.

Crews: Below c2006 fiction
When Jack drops his action figure into a mysterious hole, he has to devise a rescue.

Ernst: Sylvia Jean, Drama Queen c2005 fantasy animals, humor
Although Sylvia Jean owns plenty of costumes, she struggles to come up with a costume for the big party.

Hoberman: You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together c2001 rhyming stories
This collection of short, rhythmic stories and cheerful art is designed to be read out loud by both child and adult.

James: Dear Mr. Blueberry c1991 letter writing
A teacher and his young student correspond with each other concerning an imaginary whale in the little girl’s pond.

Lobel: Frog and Toad stories classics
Each of the frog and toad stories include several short tales about two very good friends.

Mayer: Little Critter stories fantasy, animals
Little Critter is a small creature who is amazingly like a young human boy. His adventures take place with different members of his family who expose him to daily life experiences.

McKissack: Flossie and the Fox c1986 folklore, ethnic diversity
In this African American folk tale, a fox who is known for stealing eggs encounters a young girl who continues to deny that he is a fox without a lot of proof.

McKissack: The Honest-to-Goodness Truth c2000 character, ethnic diversity
A young girl promises not to ever lie but then discovers that there are times that one actually should not tell the entire truth.

McNaughton: Once Upon an Ordinary School Day c2004 school story
Mr. Gee, the new teacher, changes "ordinary" when he challenges all the children to use their imaginations.

Numeroff: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and sequels c1985 cumulative tales
When a mouse requests a cookie, a cycle of events occurs that brings the reader full circle.

Pallotta: Dory Story c2000 sea story, fiction
Danny's ocean adventures are completely enchanting, even if they take place in the bathtub.

Parish: Amelia Bedelia stories classics, fiction
Amelia Bedelia, who is a housekeeper, is very literal minded when others give her directions; the results are hilarious.

Pearson: Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed c2002 kindness, fiction
When young Mary secretly leaves berries on a lady’s porch, the kindness is multiplied many times over by others.

Peterson: Don't Forget Winona c2004 historical fiction
In the 1930s during the days of the dust bowl in Oklahoma and the Great Depression, a young girl tells about her family’s experiences on Route 66 heading toward California.

Polacco: Aunt Chip and the Triple Creek Dam Affair c1996 TV, reading, fiction
Since the invasion of television, no one can remember how to read.

Rylant: Henry and Mudge stories family, dogs, humor
A young boy named Henry and his dog Mudge share many adventures with Henry’s parents and other important people in his life.

Schachner: Skippyjon Jones c2003 humor
This Siamese kitten spends his "time-out" imagining himself as "El-Skippito" who comes to the rescue of some Chihuahuas.

Stevens: And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon c2001 nursery rhymes
From the Mother Goose nursery rhyme, Dish and Spoon run away. Concerned about the fate of the rhyme, Cat, Cow and Dog set out to find them.

Waber: The House On East 88th Street c1962 crocodiles, classic
When Lyle the Crocodile appears in the bathtub of the Primm family, the family is very upset; but Lyle soon wins their hearts.

Woodson: The Other Side c2001 friendship, ethnic diversity
A fence divides a town where two girls - one white and one black - sit and gradually become acquainted.