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Level Y

P. S. 165Q
The Edith K. Bergtraum Elementary School
70-35 150th Street
Flushing, NY  11367
Phone:  718 263-4004    Fax:  718 793-9812

Tiffany L.Davis-Nealy, Principal                                                                        
Andrea Luongo, Assistant Principal
Marianna Werth, Assistant Principal      
Myron Hacken, F-status Special Ed Supervisor

Dear Parent/Guardian,                                                                                                           
This letter is to inform you of your child’s progress in reading.
Your child’s current reading level is Level Y

M= Student has mastered the skill within the current reading level
N= Student needs support with this skill in order to move to the next level
___Using word-solving strategies, prior knowledge, pictures/graphics, text content, and
       reader’s tools (glossaries, dictionaries, etc.) to solve words, including technical
___Following complex plots, such as flashbacks
___Making connections between the concerns of today and those presented in books and
       developing ideas about those issues
___Remembering details in summary over chapters in order to understand larger themes
       and revise ideas about the story or characters as new events occur
___Identify the meaning of symbols that the writer uses
___Develop opinions about characters by studying how the author describes them,
      what they do, what they say and think, how they change, and what other characters     
       say about them
___Identifying the message of a text and discuss how it applies to everyday life
___Actively asking questions of the text and searching for answers while reading
___Identifying the changing perspective as events in a story unfold
___Changing predictions as new information is learned in a story and actively confirming     
      or disconfirming their thinking
___Understanding the different ways of reading according to the genre of a book
___Identifying the different meanings of a story
___Stopping to think about the text to jot ideas about the story/characters and then    
      continue reading at normal speed

Let’s work together to ensure the academic success of your child.
                                                                        Your Child’s Teacher



LEVEL Y TITLES:                                                                                                     AUTHOR:

Fire in the Hills

Myers, Anna


First On The Moon

Helmer, Barbara


Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

Sidney, Margaret


For The Life of Laetitia

Hodge, Merle


Get On Out of Here, Philip Hall

Greene, Bette


Giver, The

Lowry, Lois


Great Interactive Dream Machine, The

Peck, Richard


I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in

Bitton-Jackson, Livia


Instead of Three Wishes: Magical Short Stories

Turner, Megan Whalen



Voigt, Cynthia


Hana’s Suitcase

Levine, Karen


Hear Our Stories




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