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Level R

P. S. 165Q
The Edith K. Bergtraum Elementary School
70-35 150th Street
Flushing, NY  11367
Phone:  718 263-4004    Fax:  718 793-9812

Tiffany L.Davis-Nealy, Principal                                                                        
Andrea Luongo, Assistant Principal
Marianna Werth, Assistant Principal      
Myron Hacken, F-status Special Ed Supervisor

Dear Parent/Guardian,                                                                                                           
This letter is to inform you of your child’s progress in reading.
Your child’s current reading level is Level R

M= Student has mastered the skill within the current reading level
N= Student needs support with this skill in order to move to the next level
___Stopping to think about the text to jot ideas about the story/characters and then    
       continue reading at normal speed
___Seeing changes in characters across time in a story and explain possible reasons
      for the change
___Identifying the changing perspective as a story unfolds
___Changing predictions as new information is learned in a story and actively confirming      
       or disconfirming their thinking
___Understanding the different ways of reading according to the genre of a book
___Creating categories in my head of related details and revising them as I come across
       new information
___Using the words of a sentence, paragraph, or whole text to figure out the meaning of a      
___Remembering details in summary over chapters in order to understand larger themes     
      and change their thinking about the story or characters as things occur
___Making connections between characters from different texts by stating how they
      are alike/different
___Wondering about and identifying the different meanings to a story
___Understanding figurative language
___Using new vocabulary learned from stories in discussing or writing about what
      they read
___Responding to the tension in a story by reading on to look for solutions to
      problems that characters have
___Identifying the message (theme) of a text and discuss how it applies to their
      everyday life
___Actively asking questions of the text and searching for answers while reading

Let’s work together to ensure the academic success of your child.
                                                                        Your Child’s Teacher



LEVEL R TITLES:                                                                                                    AUTHOR:

Ace: The Very Important Pig

King-Smith, Dick


Adventures in the Amazon Rain Forest

Goodman, Susan, E.


Adventures of Spider, The

Arkhurst, Joyce C.


Adventures of Spider, the

Arkhurst, Joyce


Circle of Gold

Boyd, Candy Dawson


Against the Odds



Aggressive-InLine Skating



Alphabet, The

Literacy 2000