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Level H

P. S. 165Q
The Edith K. Bergtraum Elementary School
70-35 150th Street
Flushing, NY  11367
Phone:  718 263-4004    Fax:  718 793-9812

Tiffany L.Davis-Nealy, Principal                                                                        
Andrea Luongo, Assistant Principal
Marianna Werth, Assistant Principal       
Myron Hacken, F-status Special Ed Supervisor

Dear Parent/Guardian,                                                                                                           

This letter is to inform you of your child’s progress in reading.
Your child’s current reading level is Level H

M= Student has mastered the skill within the current reading level
N= Student needs support with this skill in order to move to the next level

___Solves words in many different ways (taking the word apart, thinking about what
       would make sense, etc.) while reading at a good pace
___Using the words around an unknown word to figure out the meaning of a new
___Reading dialogue with expression that shows understanding of the characters
___Identifying important ideas in a story and report them in an organized way
___Using evidence from the story to support statements about characters
___Thinks about experiences they have had that are similar to those that the character
       is going through in the story in order to better understand while reading
___Identifying the part of the story where the problem is solved
___Stopping to think about the text to jot ideas and then continue reading at normal speed
___Revising predictions and ideas that are no longer true about the character or story
___Predicting what will happen next based on experiences they have had similar to
       the characters in the book
___Predicting what the character will do next based on what they already know about
      the characters
___Predicting what will happen next based on how stories usually tend to go

Let’s work together to ensure the academic success of your child.

                                                                        Your Child’s Teacher



LEVEL H TITLES:                                                                                                    AUTHOR:

What Game Shall We Play

Hutchins, Pat


What will the Weather  Be Like Today?

Rogers, Paul


Where Are You Going, Little Mouse

Kraus, Robert


Who is the Beast?

Baker, Keith


Whose Mouse Are You?

Kraus, Robert





Beach Creatures

Pair-It Books


Becoming a Butterfly

Rosen Real Readers


Better Look, A

National Geographic