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Level A

P. S. 165Q
The Edith K. Bergtraum Elementary School
70-35 150th Street
Flushing, NY  11367
Phone:  718 263-4004    Fax:  718 793-9812


Tiffany L.Davis-Nealy, Principal                                                                        
Andrea Luongo, Assistant Principal
Marianna Werth, Assistant Principal     
Myron Hacken, F-status Special Ed Supervisor

 Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is to inform you of your child’s progress in reading.
Your child’s current reading level is Level A

M= Student has mastered the skill within the current reading level
N= Student needs support with this skill in order to move to the next level

___ Practice looking for sight words in books
___Pointing to words as they read
___Using first letters of words and pictures to figure out new words
___Remembering what the story is about during reading
___Understanding character’s feelings
___Talk about parts of stories that remind them of similar experiences they’ve had
___Discuss the beginning and end of a story
___Pausing after each sentence while reading and changing their voice when they notice
      sentences that end with question marks or exclamation points
___Makes predictions about what will happen next based on what they see in the  
      pictures or words of a story

Let’s work together to ensure the academic success of your child.

                                                                        Your Child’s Teacher


Titles:                                                                        Author:                                                Level:

Anno's Counting Book

Anno, Mitsumasa


Count and See

Hoban, Tana


Dig, Dig

Wood, Leslie


Do You Want To Be My Friend?

Carle, Eric



Hoenecke, Karen


Growing Colors

McMillan, Bruce


In My Garden

McLean, Moria


Baby Animals

Vocabulary Readers


Beach, The

Little Celebrations


Big Things

PM Starters