Fourth Grade Supply List 2016-2017


1.  Eight black and white marble notebooks.  本黑白笔        Please label as follows 每本:





      Social Studies

      Gym Journal

      2 blank notebooks (两本留空)

***Please put name and class on each as well   每本要写姓名和班

2.  Seven pocket folders (pockets on bottom, not on side) 个文件(口袋在底, 不在侧)  :          

      Homework and notices



      Test folder


      2 blank folders (留空)

***Please put name and class on each as well  要写姓名和班

3.  Three packages of already sharpened pencils (they come in a box sharpened)   已削尖铅笔


4.  1 pack of pens (blue or black)  一包笔(色或黑色)

5.  One box of colored pencils  一盒各色

6.  Several packs of lined post-its  线尘纸

7.  Two reams of copy paper   包打印

8.  Two rolls of paper towels 

9.  Two boxes of tissues 

10. One bottle of hand soap and Two hand sanitizers  洗手 和两瓶手消毒液

11.  One ruler  一个尺子

12.  One small protractor  一小个量角器

13.  Two packages of thick dry erase markers 包粗干擦笔(Expo brand work the best   Expo 牌最好)

14.  A package of colored sharpies  一包Sharpie

15. Two packs of looseleaf paper  包活页纸

16. $6.00 for Raz Kids or other Scholastic Paper

17. 1 package of 4x6 index cards  4X6寸的卡

18. A USB for writing  usb写作用

     (students will not be allowed to type if they don't have a usb 学生没USB不可打字)

19. 2 tubs of Lysol antibacterial cleaning wipes (to wash down desks)Lysol antibacterial wipes (洗書桌).

20. Ear buds (students must have ear buds in order to use laptops) 耳塞(学生必有耳塞才能用电脑

21.  2 gallon size ziplock baggies (boys only) 盒两加仑码塑胶袋  (男孩)

22. 1 sandwich size ziplock baggies (girls only) 一盒三明治塑胶袋 (女孩)


***Please keep an electric sharpener at home.  Students must come to school with 3 sharpened pencils daily.  家里要有电动卷笔机. 学生每天要带三已削尖笔上学.