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Please label all supplies with the Student’s Name and Class

Fourth Grade Supply List Sept. ’16 – June ‘17

1. Eight black and white marble notebooks. Please label as follows:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Gym Journal
  • 2 blank notebooks

**Please put name and class on each as well.

2. Seven pocket folders (pockets on bottom, not on side)

  • Homework
  • Classwork
  • Writing
  • Test Folder
  • Science
  • 2 blank folders

**Please put name and class on each as well.

3. Three packages of already sharpened pencils (they come in a box sharpened) **no mechanical pencils or pencil sharpeners please

4. One pack of pens (black or blue)

5. One box of colored pencils

6. Several packs of lined post its

7. Two reams of copy paper

8. Two rolls of paper towels

9. Two boxes of tissues

10. One bottle of hand soap and Two hand sanitizers

11. One ruler

12. One small protractor

13. Two packages of thick dry erase markers (expo brand work the best)

14. A package of colored sharpies

15. Two packs of loose leaf paper

16. $6.00 for Raz Kids or other Scholastic paper

17. 1 package of 4x6 index cards

18. A USB for writing (students will not be allowed to type if they don’t have a usb)

19. 2 tubs of Lysol antibacterial cleaning wipes (to wash down desks)

20. Ear buds (students must have ear buds in order to use laptops)

21. 2 Gallon size ziplock baggies (boys only)

22. 1 sandwich size ziplock baggies (girls only)


Please keep an electric sharpener at home. (Students must come to school with 3 sharpened pencils daily.) Target, Staples, and Amazing Savings have sales throughout the summer. We are looking forward to a fun and productive year in fourth grade with your children!

Thank you, Fourth Grade Teachers