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Class 322

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Welcome to THIRD GRADE.  I know I can count on your cooperation to help make your child’s year in third grade a very happy and successful experience.  Listed below are some suggestions regarding our routines that will assist you in easing your child’s transition to third grade.

1.  ATTENDANCE:  School begins promptly at 8:20A.M.  Please make sure that your child is in school on time.
2.  NOTICES:  Notices are sent home regularly.  When required, please sign and return tear-offs the next day in I-POD binder.
3.  ABSENCES:  Upon your child’s return to school, please send in a note explaining his/her absence.  Please make sure that your child gets the assignments given in class by contacting a classmate. 
4.  MONEY:  Money sent to school should be in a sealed envelope.  Please write your child’s name, class, the amount and the reason the money is being sent in.
5.  LUNCH:  Please label your child’s lunch box or bag.  Glass containers are not allowed in school.
6.  SNACKS:  We will have a snack break everyday.  Please send in a nutritious snack such as raw veggies or fruit.  No chips, candy, cakes or cookies, please.  A drink may also be sent in.  Your child is permitted to keep a plastic bottle of water on his/her desk.
7.  DISMISSAL PROCEDURES:   For your child’s safety, please let me know in writing, if you need to make any changes in your child’s dismissal routine.  He/She is not permitted to go on a friend’s bus to go home with them.

To start the year off right, please provide your child with the following supplies:

**** SIX (6) hard-covered composition notebooks with half-inch ruled spaces (at least 100 pages per book) NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS or BINDERS.

**** a box of 20 pencils, sharpened (these pencils will be kept in the classroom.) You will be notified by your child, as to when they need to be replenished. PENCILS MUST BE SHARPENED AT HOME. ONLY #2—no HB.

**** one (1) box of Crayola crayons (no more than 24 crayons in the box) to be kept in school. You may want to keep an extra box at home, too.

* one pair (1) of Fiskars safety scissors for school. You may want to keep an extra pair at home, too.

**** 2 highlighters (any color)

**** 4 (four) glue sticks

* three (3) ultra-thin black Sharpie markers (these will be collected and used in class for special projects)

* POST-IT’S -Please send in 4 packages each, of the following sizes---2 by 3 and 3 by 3. They can have lines if you want also. Any size is fine.

**** six (6) pocket folders (sturdy plastic with horizontal pockets only, please)

* one (1) set of washable markers or colored pencils (Crayola preferred)OPTIONAL

* one (1) box of 1-gallon Ziploc bags (boys)

* one (1) box of quart-size Ziploc bags (girls)

* one (1) roll of paper towels (girls)

* one (1) box of tissues (boys)

* one(1) container of disinfecting wipes (Lysol)

**** an empty binder (1 and ½ inches in size) THIS WILL BE THERE COMMUNICATION BINDER for the year. (NO PAPER NECESSARY)


* one package of Xerox (copying) paper for use in the classroom

* one (1) flexible ruler with customary and metric measurements

* one(1) zippered pencil pouch that can be placed inside a binder (ask at STAPLES, PLEASE!)

* TIME FOR KIDS or SOCIAL STUDIES WEEKLY (decision made in September) CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY(leave blank, teacher will fill in)--$8.00

*STUDENT PLANNER $5.00—child will not receive until remittance is paid

*USB DRIVE (thumb drive) no larger than 16 GB

*inexpensive Earbuds / headphones

As the year progresses, there may be additional requests for supplies.  It is very important that your child complete ALL of his/her homework each and every night.  
HW will be copied daily.  I will also be sending home a note that asks for your email address.  Thank you in advance.


If your child is absent, please make sure that he/she calls a classmate to get the homework so that he/she completes it in a timely manner.
If you need to contact me, please write me a note.   You may also call the school at (718) 263-4004 and leave a message.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  
Please keep this handy for reference and bookmark the school web site
I hope that your child’s year in Third Grade at PS 165 will be a rewarding and memorable experience for him/her.
Mrs. R. Walter

****Please make sure that THE FOLLOWING SUPPLIES are in school on Wednesday, September 8, 2016:  Notebooks, pencils, crayons, folders, binder with sheet protectors and glue.  You can send in the others a few at a time.  All are due by Friday, September 16th.  Thank you for your cooperation.   Your child can’t receive his/her planner until their $5.00 is paid in CASH ONLY!  CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY for TIME FOR KIDS—made out to TIME FOR KIDS---not PS 165.  Thank you again for your cooperation.