Second Grade Supply List 2016-2017


      8 black and white hard cover notebooks  本黑白硬面笔

      8 sturdy folders with front bottom pockets (not side pockets)

文件, 口袋在底 不在侧)   (1 black folder, 1 yellow folder, 2 red folders, 1 green folder, 1 blue folder, 1 orange folder, 1 white folder 黑色, 黄色, , 绿色, 色, 色,白色)

      1 plastic folder of your choosing for homework  一个塑料文件夹任何颜色作业用

      5 Packages of SHARPENED #2 pencils (preferably-Ticonderoga) 

 已削尖铅笔 (Ticonderoga牌最好)

      1 package of cap erasers  一包盖橡皮擦

      2 packages of dry-erase (low odor) markers  包干擦(低气味)

      8 glue sticks 支胶棒

      4 rolls of paper towels

      2 boxes of tissues 

      1 box of Crayola crayons or colored pencils  一盒 Crayola 蜡笔或

      2 containers of baby wipes 孩抹布

      1 package of LYSOL wipes  Lysol 抹布

      1 bottle of Anti-bacterial liquid soap  一瓶抗菌液体肥皂

      1 bottle of Purell instant hand sanitizer  一瓶 Purell手消毒液

      2 boxes of Gallon size Ziploc Bags  盒两加仑码塑胶袋

      1 box of sandwich size Ziploc Bags  一盒三明治塑胶袋

      1  12 inch ruler with centimeters and inches  12尺子, 以厘米和英寸

      5 packages of 3X5 index cards  3X5寸的卡

      1 pack of copy paper  包打印

      1 package of construction paper  包施工图纸

      $5.00 for weekly non-fiction magazine subscription  $5.00 周刊

      1 package of pens (either blue or green)  一包笔(色或绿色)

      1 package of wide ruled looseleaf paper  一包宽线页纸