Class 132 Supply List-2016-2017




6 black and white marble composition books with your child's first and last name written on it

     六本硬面黑白笔.  写你孩子的姓名

4 folders  个文件

3 packages of sharpened pencils  三盒削好的

4 large glue sticks  支胶棒

1 bottle of liquid Elmer's glue  一瓶ElmerŐs 液体

4 rolls of paper towels 四卷

2 boxes of tissues

1 container of baby wipes (girls only)  一盒婴孩抹(女生)

1 container of Lysol wipes (boys only) 一盒Lysol 清洁抹(男生)

1 box of gallon sized zip lock baggies 盒一加仑码塑胶

1 box of quart sized Ziploc bags 盒一/三明治塑胶

1 bottle of Purell instant hand sanitizer (girls only)  一瓶 Purell 液体即手消毒液(女生)

1 bottle of antibacterial liquid hand soap (boys only)  一瓶液体洗手消毒肥皂(男生)

1 box of crayons  一盒各蜡笔

1 box of thin washable markers  一盒可洗各色马克

1 box of colored pencils  一盒各

1 scissors  一把剪刀

4 large erasers 四大橡皮擦

2 black or dark blue Sharpie markers 两支黑色或深 Sharpie马克


Please have extra crayons, markers, glue, scissors, and construction paper at home for homework and projects.  在家里做作业需要有蜡笔,马克,剪刀和施工图纸。