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Class 132’s Supply List 2016-2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the 1st grade!  We hope that this year will be exciting, fun filled, and a rewarding learning experience for your child.  In order for your child to be organized and prepared for school, the following supplies will be needed:

o 1 zippered pencil case (labeled with your child’s first and last name - big enough to hold pencils, erasers, glue sticks, scissor, and crayons.)

o 6 black and white Mead notebooks (please write your child’s first and last name on each notebook)

o 1 package of #2 pencils (sharpened)

o 1 package of 4x6 index cards

o 1 package of dry erase markers (expo brand)

o 4 jumbo glue sticks

o 6 sturdy folders with front pockets (not side pockets)

o 2 large erasers

o 1 box of crayons

o 1 scissor

o 1 box of colored pencils

o 3 packages of copy/printer paper

o 4 boxes of tissues

o 1 package of Clorox Green Works Natural cleaning wipes (Must be green due to chemicals in regular wipes, thank you)

o 1 box of gallon size baggies (Ziplock brand preferred - girls only)

o 1 box of quart size baggies (Ziplock brand preferred - boys only)

o 10 pictures of things that you did together this summer.

o 2 wrapped rolls of paper towels

o 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

o 1 set of inexpensive headsets from 99-cent store to use with classroom laptops.

Please put your child’s name and class on everything, including the bags used to send in supplies. We are looking forward to an exciting, engaging year ahead.