Kindergarten Supply List-2016

Class 012/K-233



Please label all supplies with your child's name.  每件都写上你的孩子的名字.


1 regular sized school bag (no wheels) 一个普通尺(没有子)

6 hard covered marble notebooks (no spirals)  六本硬面黑白笔本(不可以螺旋笔)

1 box of Crayola crayons (16 count) 一盒 Crayola 蜡笔(16支)

1 package dry erase markers 一包干擦马克

8 large Elmer's glue sticks 大支Elmer's胶棒

1 pack of white index cards 包白色的索引卡

2 rolls of paper towels 两卷

2 boxes of tissues

1 bottle of hand soap (not sanitizer)  一瓶液体洗手肥皂 (不是手消毒液)

1 box quart sized zip lock baggies (girls only) 一盒一/三明治塑胶 (女生)

1 box gallon sized zip lock baggies  一盒一加仑码塑胶

1 box 2 gallon sized zip lock baggies (boys only) 一盒两加仑码塑胶 (男生)

1 container of baby wipes  一盒婴孩抹

8 pocket folders (bottom pockets only, no side pockets)  个文件 (口袋在底 不在侧)

1 change of clothing including underwear  衣服一套 (包括内衣)

1 container of "green approved" cleaning wipes 盒自然/抹布

1 pack of printer paper  包打印

10 file folders (no pockets) 十个文件 (没有口袋)

$10 for class celebration fund (optional)  $10 教室典基金 ()