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Class 011

1 regular sized school bag (no wheels)

4 hard covered composition notebooks (no spirals)

1 pack of pencils (sharpened) 1 box of crayola crayons (16 count)

1 package dry erase markers

3 large Elmer’s glue sticks

1 pack of White index cards

2 rolls of paper towels

2 boxes of tissues

1 box of quart sized zip lock baggies (girls only)

1 box gallon sized zip lock baggies (boys only)

2 black sharpie markers

1 container of baby wipes

5 pocket folders (bottom pockets only, no side pockets)

1 change of clothing including underwear

1 container of “green approved” cleaning wipes

1 pack of printer paper

10 file folders (no pockets- they sell them at dollar tree 10 for $1)

1 inexpensive ear buds or headset